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About Beckland

Cleaning Services South Africa

We aim to serve local the community, business organisations & the healthcare sector in South Africa.

We train and provide highly qualified and skilled cleaners
for office and domestic in and around the community of Cape Town.

Office Cleaning Services South Africa

A clean and tidy office requires maximum attention to maintain top class standards, we offer flexible and yet a fit in your budget packages to suit your business needs be it small or large allowing you to hire part time or contractual with no regards to the size of the office.

House Cleaning Services South Africa

A thoroughly cleaned home has always represented a breath of fresh air be it after a long day at work or coming from a visit, however there is always that hidden spots missed regularly which call for a professional deep clean. We take pride in identifying those hidden spots to leave an even fresher environment.

End of Tenancy
South Africa

That thought of insecurity when a new tenant is moving in and not being positive with state of the premises can be costly if not professionally attended to, why not leave the task to us the professional to take care of it, with our expertise we can assure you the insecurities are addressed.

The Training We Provide

Training Services South Africa

As part of your initial and ongoing registration, all candidates are required to undertake basic mandatory training.

Beckland Day Care Services has access to a comprehensive training programme. In order to get our staff working as quickly as possible, it is in our staff best interest and for our company’s best interest for successful candidates to attend or arrange training as quickly as possible.

Training will be discussed in face to face interviews with your dedicated consultant whom will be able to explain this fully.

Mandatory Training Provided:

Training Brochures


Primary purpose of the qualification is to develop in a learner the foundation, practical and instinctive competencies required for a career in Hygiene & Cleaning Services Industry.

This Qualification is designed as a First Qualification in learning pathway in the cleaning sector and is suited to the following occupations

This qualification gives you opportunities to work in, Hospitality, Health Care, Wholesale and Retail, Food Production or Manufacturing & Domestic.

We cover mostly Cape Town areas.

Always available for assistance

Customers are the core of our mission

Affordable Packages

Training Services South Africa

Please bring your current/relevant certificates or training log to the interview.

Business Address:
50 Long Street, Cape Town, 8001

Postal Address:
Postnet Suite #012 Private Bag x100 Cape Town, 8000
Phone: +27799245723 | +447809907602 (WhatsApp)